This is the old project page. Since tud is now on sourceforge this page isn't updated anymore.


The game is developed under Linux with C++. Because of the project is quite old we didn't use the Standard C++ Library too much. This means:
STL almost not used. Iostream rarely used. Instead self written lists and streams.
The game is quite modular. Which should make porting easier (sound/graphics output/event input/network communication)
The best of all is that you can improve the game without modifying the source. Everything is done with configfiles (units,objects,levels... and soon the complete GUI)

Members of the project:

Jens Thiele (Maintainer, Graphics and Main Coding)
Erik Thiele (TCP/IP Module, GGI-Port?)
Sebastian Stark (ESD Sound)
Bjoern Augustsson (Porting to Solaris)
Petter Reinholdtsen (Porting to Irix, automake ;-), supplied a lot of patches)
Mark Soiseth (Documentation)
Charles (Providing Metaserver)
And you if you want to.

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Jens Thiele
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