Extending TUD (Howto) Draft

1 How to make own graphics ?

1.1 Edit existing graphics

Sprites are in the spr_src directory. The input files must be in ppm truecolor format. To change existing graphics just edit the ppm-file in this directory. Than start make in this directory. Attention: TUD uses a 8-Bit Palette. This means that all pictures are remaped to the TUD palette.

1.2 Changing the palette

The palette file is "palette.ppm" and is placed in the main directory. The palette entries are just the colors used in the "palette.ppm" picture. The maximum number of colors is 256. You should not use them all because if you use less it could be possible to play in 8-Bit X server mode without private color map (not yet implemented). Also the palette must have total white and total black entries.

1.3 Create new graphics

1.3.1 Sprites without transparent dots (sprite_linear_nontransparenttype)

1.3.2 Sprites with transparent dots (sprite_linear_transparenttype)

How to create new objects (fuel, ammo,...) ?

Objects are represented by config files and placed in the "object" directory. Just take a look at the existing file ("object/fuel.obj") or ask me.

How to create new vehicles ?

How to create new landscapes ?

How to create new userfiles ?

If you are interested I will answer these questions. It is not verry difficult by the way. So just mail me and I will continue this page.

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Jens Thiele
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