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Graphics 256-colors
X with Shared Memory
(8bpp, 16bpp or 24(32)bpp mode)
Screen-shot Screen-shot (69k)
Sound esound - but no good samples yet (make samples ?)
Multi-player 2 to 6 players (could be easily increased)
Requirements Speed of something like a Pentium (I now have a AMD K6-2 450)
X11 Shared Memory (800x600)
egcs (>1.03) or gcc (>=2.95) compiler
ppmtools (The Debian package is netpbm you will find it on freshmeat)
libesd and esd.H (debian package libesd-dev) we use ver. 0.2.14
recommended: imagemagick (to convert the png images to the tud image format)
suggested: libwww-perl (needed for metaserver support)
Description TUD is a action strategy game written under LINUX. It should work also with Solaris and Irix. You are the commander of your units (vehicles, tanks, factories,...) and steer them by mouse. You see the landscape from top and you are able to scroll, rotate and zoom. It is a multi-player network game and not (yet?) a single player game. This document is included in the distribution.
For detailed instructions read the TUD instructions and see the TUD links list on the left.

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